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Transcribe a Video with Watson.

First, download VLC. Step 1: Download VLC Step 2: Select Convert/Save Then, open VLC and select media->Convert/save Now, add your video clip. To do so, press the Add button and browse to your video....

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Setup MariaDB 10.3 on Debian 9

Install MariaDB on Debian 9 with steps to add remote users and configure MariaDB for remote access. Includes firewall rules and MariaDB common errors.

VMWare Debian Step1 Baseline Install

Install Debian 9 on VMWare 6.5

So this is a first Today, I recorded my first YouTube video! Hey, everyone starts somewhere! Anyway, Let me know what you think. So what is the video; simply put, it details the install...

Super Mario Bros. Retro Game Emulator

Retro Game Emulator

WordPress Plugin Hello all, I just found this neat wordpress plugin. First, I will mess with it a little to see if I can bring it back into compliance. Ok so, It has not...


Why DirectTV now SUCKS!

Why DirectTV now SUCKS! Their chat sucks, their customer service sucks, and their website sucks! Oh, and yes their parent company ATT sucks!

Update: HAProxy and WordPress Conf

Hello again, I have made some more changes to WordPress configuration to get more accurate ip information into wordpress.